Cassandra Rising

CASSANDRA RISING is a collection of stories about founders who are solving problems unique to women and minorities that the conventional (male, white, and rich) investor may not understand.

As the adage goes, prudent investors should only invest in businesses that they understand.  In America, however, the venture capital investors that decide which businesses and innovations get funded – and therefore, built – are 92% male, 78% white, and 100% rich.  As a result, when they’re pitched with a solution to a problem that affects the rest of America – the parts of America that are female, minority, LGBTQ, or impoverished – they often lack the background or exposure to understand the value and the opportunities presented to them.

“I don’t get it.”
“Let me ask my wife.”
“That’s gross.”

As of October 2017, Crunchbase lists 26 emoji companies, 76 ride-sharing companies, 194 dating apps, and 369 alcohol delivery companies with VC-funding, while smart breast pumps and smart tampons get kicked out of conference rooms because investors think they’re “disgusting”.   Let’s bridge that understanding gap and funnel the funding to more important problems.

When women and minorities get funded, their products empower their communities while creating jobs and economic value for the whole country.

Are you a founder working on a solution to an overlooked problem?  Share your story with CASSANDRA RISING