Hello! I’m Ventrice. I’m a product and operations consultant, developer, and speaker with a 10+ year career giving people the tools they need to accomplish big goals.

As a product strategy consultant, I specialize in helping first time founders turn their grand visions into working products by leading them from product ideation all the way to implementation.

Along the way, I founded Bedelia, a New York City product development shop that designs and builds software applications for non-technical business owners while teaching them the skills of technical communication so that they can understand and grow the technical foundations of their businesses.

Before Bedelia, I spent six years working at Goldman Sachs managing high risk projects for complex software systems in highly regulated environments all around the world. There, I developed the habit of staying at the office past midnight learning how to code so that I could build process improvement tools that cut down redundant manual work so that my team could have lives outside of the office.

I speak and hold workshops about product development, career transitions, and technology as a tool for empowerment.  I was recognized as one of 1,000 qualified women speakers in tech, as nominated by the tech community, by Mic.

I’m a strong proponent of technology as a means for empowerment, both at a micro level, building efficiency tools to create space for work life balance, and at a macro level, building platforms and tools for underrepresented demographics without technical training. Technology increasingly shapes the world we live in, and we need to democratize tech to build products that represent diverse experiences.