Humanitarian Blockchain Summit at Fordham University


So, I have to admit – prior to attending the Humanitarian Blockchain Summit at Fordham University, I really didn’t understand the hype around blockchain and cryptocurrency.  The conference did a great job at outlining the humanitarian opportunities and challenges around the new technology – and I have to say, I think I’ve joined the hype train.

Some great applications that I’m excited to follow the progress of:

  • Distributed learning ledgers that track what you’ve learned, when you learned it, and who you learned it from – kind of like an educational passport that can’t be lost or faked
  • Global identification for individuals so that governments and NGOs can trace human trafficking, target aid efforts, and track refugees via the World Identity Network
  • Donation tracking, so you know exactly what your charitable donation goes towards through organizations like Giveth and Red Cross
  • Financial freedom through cryptocurrency like Womens Coin in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, where women are discouraged from having bank account unless their husbands or fathers have access

Looking forward to seeing how these projects grow.


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