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Humanitarian Blockchain Summit at Fordham University


So, I have to admit – prior to attending the Humanitarian Blockchain Summit at Fordham University, I really didn’t understand the hype around blockchain and cryptocurrency.  The conference did a great job at outlining the humanitarian opportunities and challenges around the new technology – and I have to say, I think I’ve joined the hype train. Some great applications that...

Overture STEM + HD 2017: A Day of (Mostly) Inspiring Women


Last week, Overture held their STEM + HD Conference, a full day of mind-expanding conversations with inspiring female leaders applying Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to human development problems.  (Mostly inspiring — I’ll get into details later.) With all the dumb tech coming out of Silicon Valley and all the dumb people in positions of power these days, it was the...

Product Festival 2017: Feedback, Emotions, and Data


I attended Product Festival NY 2017 today, a day long conference in NY showcasing case studies and presentations from some great thought leaders in the product space.  A lot of great lessons were shared – here are some of my favorite takeaway notes.   Jason Schwartz, Spotify Jason discussed the process of identifying the “light bulb moment” once you’ve found your...

How I Became a Product Manager


Two years ago, I had a nervous meltdown on my way to work, complete with hyperventilating and uncontrollable public sobbing on the train. My immediate reaction was guilt: why was I breaking down? I had no business being depressed or anxious. My job at Goldman Sachs was dull, but I assumed that was true for any six-year long career. I had respect and some autonomy with my role, my coworkers were...